Gas Emissions & Alarm Inspection

Propane leaks and carbon monoxide buildups, in combination with expired and faulty alarms, can have very serious consequences. The dangers are real and cannot be ignored.

In the enclosed environment of a RV, monitoring the indoor air quality, and functional alarm systems are high priorities. This inspection is highly recommended, especially in spring, before you start a lengthy road trip.

Propane storage and distribution system is checked for leaks. Leak locations are clearly tagged for further follow-up.
Carbon monoxide readings are taken to confirm they fall below Maximum Exposure Limits as stated by Health Canada
Expiry dates of all gas alarms (propane, CO, smoke) is checked.
Alarms are manually checked via Test button to confirm normal operating circuitry.
Alarms sensors are exposed to appropriate type and concentration of triggering gas, to test sensor functionality.
Furnace output air is checked for presence of carbon monoxide, created by faulty or cracked combustion chamber in the furnace.