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Cleaning Mould and Mildew

The proper cleaning procedure involves removing the mould. Chemicals such as bleach and fungicides are not recommended. It is important to remove all mould residues as they can cause allergies or illness.

Small areas of mould can be cleaned using an unscented detergent and water. The mould area is considered small if there are fewer than three patches and each patch is smaller than one (1) square metre. If there is more than three patches or the areas are larger than one square metre, a trained mould remediation professional should assess the situation and recommend a solution. A trained contractor may be needed to clean extensive areas of mould.

When cleaning even small areas of mould:

  • use household rubber gloves
  • use a mask, rated N95, capable of filtering fine particles
  • use protective glasses
  • after the clean up, rinse well with a clean, wet rag
  • dry completely and quickly using fans and heaters

 Source: Website of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC)