Make your RV'ing experience safer, healthier and free of hidden surprises. Rest assured, because RV Squad has a high standard of excellence and is committed to being a leader in the industry by providing the best inspection services through its network of qualified inspectors. 

Water Leakage Inspection

One certainty of RV ownership is dealing with problems caused by water, moisture, high humidity and condensation. The unwanted financial and health consequences can be avoided to a major extent, via this inspection. more

Rot Damage Assessment

Wood rot is responsible for the early demise of many motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. Severe cases can eat away at the roof, sidewalls and flooring. Your RV doesn't have to be one of them. more

Air Quality Audit (CO, RH, Propane, Mold)

The condensed living space of the RV is very vulnerable to high humidity levels, insufficient ventilation and build-up of gas emissions. An overlooked indoor environment can initiate mold and cause related health issues. more