Important! Please Read

Although information has been made available for your review, licenses will be issued after services are launched on (or before) May 1, 2019. Meanwhile, please add your name to the LAUNCH NOTIFICATION LIST to be informed of the launch. 

*The list is for one-time broadcast only, and will be deleted following the broadcast.  

About RV Squad

The company is a licensor of turnkey system for providing specialized RV inspections. The system is derived from a patent-pending methodology along with proprietary software, standards and procedures developed within the organization.

RV Squad offers solutions through a network of licensed businesses and individuals across USA and Canada. 


Water Leakage Inspection

One certainty of RV ownership is dealing with problems caused by water, more

Rot Damage Assessment (Coming Soon)  

Wood rot is responsible for the early demise of many motorhomes, more

Air Quality  and Gas Emissions Audit

The condensed living space of the RV is very vulnerable to more