Rot Damage Assessment

Wood rot is responsible for the early demise of many motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. Severe cases can eat away at the roof, sidewalls and flooring. Your RV doesn't have to be one of them.

Wood decay is promoted by two factors:

  1. High wood-moisture content which initiates wood decay (as wet rot) that continues to thrive (as dry rot) at a lower moisture content level.
  2. High humidity levels surrounding the rot site, that provide a favorable environment for rot to thrive.

About the Inspection

This is our most detailed and extensive inspection that may easily take several hours, depending on the extent of damage and discoveries made.

The inspection makes use of a full range of detectors and diagnostic tools to inspect for:

  1. Early stage rot - requiring minor repair and preventative measures .
  2. Late stage rot - requiring major repair.
  3. Soft spots - caused by early stage rot.
  4. Trapped moisture - located in ceiling, sidewalls and floor.
  5. Out-of-range relative humidity levels - main causes of mould, rot, allergies,  bacteria, viruses and respiratory infections.
  6. High condensation - favorable to higher humidity in the RV, which in turn promotes rot.
  7. Water leaks - cause high humidity and subsequent structural damage due to rot.

About the Report

Inspection outcomes are further analyzed to:

  • Identify root causes and secondary sources of discovered defects.
  • Suggest pro-active solutions for discovered defects and provide related information, to avoid re-occurrences.
  • Provide guidance and literature on appropriate alarms, sensors and other safety devices available in the marketplace, to monitor levels of various pollutants and gas emissions.

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